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Understand How we create value for education institutions

We have used deep domain expertise and emerging technologies to build the industry's first AI-driven 100% online Genuine Student Training & Evaluation application. In addition to this application, we also provide a suite of professional services to offer the world's leading Genuine Student Training & Evaluation service.

Solutions & services that make GTE Direct the world's leading Genuine Student Evaluation service?

Artificial Intelligence Driven Assessments

100% Online with   24/7 Availability

Multi-layered Security Measures 

Secure Student ID Verification by Proctor

GS-GTE knowledge Certification 

2 Stage, Objective GTE Evaluation 

>50% Quicker for Students & Agents

Real-Time GTE Student SOP tool

Post Evaluation 1-on-1 GTE Counselling

Independent Docs Validation Services

First in the Industry.

Standardized and Independent 

Proctor based GS-GTE Evaluation

Local Language Support for Students

Comprehensive GS-GTE Tutorial

AI based Dynamic  Custom Questions

Real-time Clarification  Questions

Instant & Real-Time Evaluation Reports

Helps Agents Save Time & Costs

Course Application Support Services

Visa Application Counseling, Filing 

How GTE Direct's solutions & services help in reducing risk under the SSVF?


Visa Refusals (Non-Fraud): 

  • Proctor based, Independent, AI driven, personalized 95-point GTE evaluation

  • Real-time, AI driven clarification questions. Post evaluation 1-on-1 applicant counselling

  • Auto generation of genuine & factual GTE SOP based on the applicant's GTE evaluation

Visa Refusals (Fraud): 

  • Personal verification of applicants & Proctor based video recorded evaluation

  • Independent documents verification and validation by a professional team

  • Character assessment based on Form 80 included as a part of the GTE assessment

Visa Cancellations: 

  • Industry's first comprehensive GS & GTE tutorial, with Proctor based certification of understanding of student visa  requirements and conditions as well as intelligence on high risk applicants

Protection Visa filing: 

  • The GTE evaluation highlights applicants with potential Protection Visa Filing risk using multiple factors & seeks additional declarations

Turning Unlawful Citizens: 

  • Retention risk of applicants is specifically assessed and highlighted in the detailed GS & GTE report    

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Reduce student visa refusal rates and grow share of genuine international students.

Reduce the time it takes you to make a good decision to seconds instead of hours or days and save recruitment costs.

Reduce student visa cancellations & increase international student retention.

Save costs & time for your agents and become their preferred choice

Increase student satisfaction rates and improve your conversion rates. 


Visa Refusals (Non-Fraud): Artificial Intelligence-based 95 point GTE Evaluation

Visa Refusals (Fraud): GS-GTE Tutorial, Proctor-based assessments, Independent Doc Verification

Visa Cancellations: Industry's first GS - GTE Tutorial & proctor-based certification 

Protection Visa filing: Detailed custom declarations, score based GTE Evaluation 

Turning Unlawful Citizens: Retention risk assessment & Character assessment 


GTETUTORIAL Industry's first GTE Tutorial, and Certification Test of understanding of student visa requirements &  conditions. 

GTEASSESSMENT the world's first 100% online, 45 minutes, Proctor-based AI based GTE Assessment, with instant score based GTE Evaluation Report,  with Free SOP builder and Counselling Report for students.

GTEDOCUMENTS  collection of supporting documents and independent validation & verification based on the applicants risk

These are bundled together in two COMBO PACKS



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