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The GTEDOCUMENTS  offers student documents collection, and independent validation & verification by professionals using a state of art and secure 100% online platform, which based on the applicants risk profile dynamically generates list of supporting documents required based on the outlined Genuine Student (GS) & Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) criteria.



The GTEDOCUMENTS service minimizes the risk of visa refusal and increases credibility of student applications.


  • GTEDOCUMETS helps reduce Visa Refusals (Fraud) by ensuring Personal verification of applicants & Proctor based video recorded evaluation along with Independent documents verification and validation by a professional team.

  • Education Institutions can subscribe to the GTEDOCUMENTS service by opting for the GTEPRO package. 

    Once you subscribe for the GTEPRO service we would set up your white label GTE Admin & GTE Student portal with your branding and provide you the training and credentials to start using the service. 


    You need to simply direct your students to the sign up page of your GTE Student Portal and use the service. Students post sign up get access to their personal dashboard and the GTEDOCUMENTS MODULE.


    Based on their evaluation and risk profile the application would use Artificial Intelligence to generate a dynamic list of required documents. Students can then simply upload these documents through the GTE Student Portal, which are then verified and validated by our experts. Using your GTE DIRECT Admin Portal, you would be able to view the document validation and verification reports for the students.


    For any assistance you could write to the GTE DIRECT help desk at

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