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On Your Marks

Getting started is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ...


  1. Schedule a 30-minute, 100% online GTEDEMO at your convenience using our Online GTE Demo Scheduler.  

  2. This demo would help you understand:

    1. How to turnaround GTE Assessments in hours, and increase conversions.

    2. How to proactively manage your GTE risk and reduce visa cancellations

    3. What GTE CORE SERVICES and GTE COMBO PACKS we offer

    4. How you can start using our solution in minutes using our plug & play model

    5. How you can save up to 50% with our GTE BULK BUY PACKS using our pay as you go model


  1. Sign up for a no-obligation FREE TRIAL of 03 free credits of GTEPLUS (to use for any applicants of your choice). Worth $300.

  2. Within 24 hours we will set up your custom- branded GTE DIRECT Admin & Student portals and provide you your login credentials to use the GTE DIRECT CENTRE

  3. You can now start using the GTE DIRECT solution by simply forwarding the link to your GTE DIRECT Student Portal to prospective students to register and use

  4. Using your GTE DIRECT Admin Portal, you will be able to view applicant registrations, Certificate of Understanding, GTE Reports, Student GTE SOPs, and supporting documents. 


  1. To start using GTE Direct, select the GTE COMBO PACK of your choice: 

    1. GTEPRO​

    2. GTEPLUS

  2. There is no further set up required. You can simply buy GTE Credits online using our GTE BULK BUY options which offer up to 50% savings and continue

  3. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

  4. In case you would not like to use GTE Direct, consider ACCEPTGTE which would help you save time and costs 

  5. Also consider sponsoring your agents for GTE AGENTS TRAINING  and boost loyalty, quality of applications, and conversions.

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