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Sponsor your agents to be GTE-certified and boost the number of loyal advocates working for your success. This 100% online self paced, proctor based GTE Agents Training & Certification would offer your agents unique value & help conversion rates.


GTEAGENTS TRAINING includes the industry's first and most comprehensive 100% online Genuine Student (GS) & Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Tutorial as well as the world's first Proctor-based certification of understanding of GS, GTE & student visa conditions. 


GTETUTORIAL helps agents by providing detailed tutorials in GS, GTE and visa conditions, conducting extensive GS & GTE assessments to prepare them to offer their students first hand information on GS, GTE & Visa Conditions, This enables students to have realistic expectations and increase their chances of having a positive experience during their studies in Australia, setting golden standards of student advocacy, while helping in producing higher quality course and visa applications.


$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
    • Offer unique value: It is rare to find formal training about GTE and so your agents will value this sponsored training & certification, which includes the Industry's first and most comprehensive GS-GTE Tutorial. 

    • Great way to engage: Don't let travel restrictions result in a distancing in your relationship with your agents. Build your relationship through the provision of this training. In just A$2500 engage with and sponsor GTE Training for 100 agents.

    • Create loyal advocates: By investing in the professional development of your agent staff during these uncertain times, participants will know that you care for their well-being.

    • Increase conversion rates: The GTE training will result in the agents sending you better quality applications and better quality applicants, thereby improving outcomes

  • Once you subscribe to GTEAGENTS TRAINING the following steps would follow:

    White labeled: We would within 24 hours create a microsite with your branding, wherein your agents can sign up and schedule their GTE training and certification. 

    100% Online & Self Paced: Post sign up each participant would get access to an online GS- GTE Tutorial, which they can complete at their convenience. 

    Proctor based: At the scheduled date and time participants login into your GTE Portal and would be greeted by their proctor / instructor and would proceed to complete their certification sponsored by you.

    Independent Certification: Post completion, they would be able to instantly download and print their certification and attend a Q&A with the Instructor.

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