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The GTEASSESSMENT offers the world's first 100% online, Proctor-based, independent, Artificial Intelligence-driven Genuine Student (GS) & Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Assessment and score based GTE Evaluation Report, which ensures an increase in your share of genuine students and reduces visa refusal rates.


GTE ASSESSMENT are 100% online which are available 24/7 worldwide, with real-time clarification questions, instant evaluation reports, and GTE SOP builder tool. This enables educational institutions to greatly decrease their application turnaround time & save costs.


GTEASSESSMENT offers students post evaluation expert counselling to produce high quality course and visa applications and also the industry's first Artificial Intelligence driven SOP builder tool, which students can use to auto generate their own genuine & factual GTE SOP, based on  responses to over 75+ questions. Thus setting golden standards of student advocacy.



  • Visa Refusals (Non-Fraud): 

    1. Proctor based, Independent, AI driven, personalized 75 point GTE evaluation
    2. Real-time, AI driven clarification questions. Post evaluation 1-on-1 applicant counselling
    3. Auto generation of genuine & factual GTE SOP based on the applicant's GTE evaluation

    Visa Refusals (Fraud): 

    1. Personal verification of applicants & Proctor based video recorded evaluation
    2. Independent documents verification and validation by a professional team (optional service)
    3. Character assessment based on Form 80 included as a part of the GTE assessment

    Protection Visa filing: 

    1. The GTE evaluation highlights applicants with potential Protection Visa Filing risk using multiple factors & seeks additional declarations

    Turning Unlawful Citizens: 

    1. Retention risk of applicants is specifically assessed and highlighted in the detailed GS & GTE report   
  • Education Institutions can subscribe to the GTEASSESSMENT either independently or the GTEPLUS or GTEPRO packages. 

    Before you start paid subscription you could subscribe to the GTE FREE TRIAL  and get 03 Free GTEPLUS credits which includes the GTEASSESSMENT and offer that to 3 students, to get a first hand understanding. 

    Once you subscribe for the GTE FREE TRIAL or to the GTEASSESSMENT service we would set up your white label GTE Admin & GTE Student portal with your branding and provide you the training and credentials to start using the service. 

    You need to simply direct your students to the sign up page of your GTE DIRECT Student Portal and use the service. Students post sign up get access to their personal dashboard and the GTEASSESSMENT. 

    They can at their convenience schedule their 100% online proctor based Assessment. Using your GTE DIRECT Admin Portal, you would be able to view student registrations and their GTE Evaluation Reports, GTE SOP (Statement of Purpose), and the Counsellor's Report.


    For any assistance you could write to the GTE DIRECT help desk at

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