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This 60 minutes, 100% online demo would help you understand how GTE DIRECT reduces the time, effort and cost associated with assessing students for Genuine Student -Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) whilst also managing immigration risk proactively.



Reduce student visa refusal rates & grow share of genuine international students. 

GTEPLUS offers the world's 1st 100% online, Proctor-based, independent, Artificial Intelligence-driven Genuine Student (GS) & Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) evaluation as well as a 1-on-1 GTE & SOP counselling which ensures an increase in your share of genuine students and reduces visa refusal rates.



Reduce student visa cancellations & increase international student retention.
GTE DIRECT includes the industry's most comprehensive GS & GTE tutorial as well as the world's first Proctor-based certification of understanding of GS, GTE & visa conditions. This coupled with our "Retention Risk Score" ensures lower student visa cancellations & dropouts rates.



Reduce the time taken for GTE assessments by 70% and save on recruitment costs.
100% online Proctor-based GS & GTE assessments which are available 24/7 worldwide, with real-time clarification questions, instant assessment reports, and GTE SOP builder tool. This enables educational institutions to greatly decrease their application turnaround time & save costs.



Helps save costs & time for your agents and become their preferred choice.
GTE DIRECT helps agents by providing applicants detailed tutorials in GS, GTE and visa conditions, conducting extensive GS & GTE assessments and providing 1-on-1 GTE & SOP counselling. Thus, helping agents save fixed costs and freeing them up to focus on marketing efforts. 



Increase student satisfaction rates and convert direct leads better.
GTE Direct offers students first hand information on GS, GTE & Visa Conditions, they can complete their 100% online, objective & transparent GTE assessment faster and get instant results, followed by 1-on-1 GTE & SOP counselling, setting golden standards of student advocacy.


  • After you sign up for the FREE DEMO the undermentioned steps will follow:

    1.    Instantly you would receive a confirmation email, with a link to schedule your 60 minutes free online demo & training. This would provide you a comprehensive understanding of the GTE DIRECT solution and how to use the Admin & Student portal.

    2.  Once you confirm your date and time of the demo & training, you would receive a confirmation email which will contain a virtual meeting link (Google Meet) to join the virtual meeting at the appointed time. 

     3. On the day and time of the meeting use the link to join the demo. You would meet the trainer online who would conduct the training session. 

    4.  For any assistance write to the GTE DIRECT help desk at    

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