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GTE DIRECT for Institutions

Reduce the amount of time, effort and cost associated with assessing students for GTE whilst also managing your immigration risk in a manner that is international-best-practice. Help Students and Agents save time and submit high quality course and visa applications. Register Now!

Benefits of GTE DIRECT for Institutions

Reduce student Visa Refusal Rates & grow share of Genuine International Students.

GTE DIRECT offers the World's first 100% online, proctor based, independent, Artificial Intelligence based Genuine Student (GS) & GTE evaluation and 1 on 1 GTE & SOP Counselling ensuring you increase your share of genuine students and reduce visa refusal rates

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Reduce student visa cancellations & Increase International student retention

GTE DIRECT includes the Industry's most comprehensive GS & GTE Tutorial; the World's first proctor based certification of understanding of GS, GTE & Visa conditions. This coupled with our "Retention Risk Score" ensures lower student visa cancellations & dropouts rates.


Reduce time taken for GTE assessments by >70% and save on recruitment costs.

100% Online Proctor based GTE Assessments available 24X7 worldwide; with real-time clarification questions, instant assessments reports, and GTE SOP builder tool enables educational institutions to greatly decrease their applications turnaround times & save costs.  

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Helps save costs & time for your agents, become their preferred choice 

GTE DIRECT helps agents by orienting applicants channelized through them with GS, GTE and Visa Conditions, conducts a detailed GTE Assessments and provides 1-on-1 GTE & SOP counselling; thus saving fixed costs and freeing  them up to focus on marketing efforts. 


Increase student satisfaction rates and convert direct leads better.

First hand information on GS, GTE & Visa Conditions  Fast-track, 100% online, objective & transparent GTE assessment, Instant Results, 1-on-1 GTE & SOP Counselling set golden standards of student advocacy. GTE DIRECT (Advanced Pack) offers Institutions a turnkey solution to better convert and manage direct international leads, know more...   

Why GTE-DIRECT is the World's Leading Genuine Student Evaluation Service?  

Artificial Intelligence Driven

100% Online with   24x7 Availability

Standardized and Independent 

Proctor based Evaluation

Multi-layered Security Measures 

Secure Student     ID Verification

Local Language Support 

Comprehensive   GS - GTE Tutorial

GS-GTE knowledge Certification 

2 Stage, Objective GTE Evaluation 

AI Based Dynamic  Custom Questions

Real-time Prompts for Clarifications Qs

>50% Quicker for Students & Agents

Real-Time GTE Student SOP tool. 

Post Evaluation      1-on-1 Counselling

Independent Docs Validation Services

Instant / Real-Time Evaluation Reports