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Are you exploring  Study - Work - Live options in Australia?

Reduce Visa refusal risk use GTEPRO the Industry’s first 100% online Student Visa Tutorial & Certification and GTECHECK the World’s first Artificial Intelligence-driven, 100% Online, Proctor based Student Visa Pre-Check platform. 

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9 Steps to Success


Download our Free Guide and setup Free Counselling. Receive a Free Primary Recommendations Report, giving you information on student visas, courses, costs, scholarships and a step by step guide.
Free Guide -15 Mins reading
15-30 Min Free Counselling
This is a FREE service. 
GTE Reserves its refusal rights

GTEINTRO is a FREE service. All our others services (2 to 9) mentioned below are paid services and are available together as a

Master Package for U$ 129 

Pay only U$29 upfront, balance U$100 when you schedule your GTECHECK & GTE1ON1    

You may also decide to use the services on a standalone basis. the prices for these are mentioned below.   




GTEPRO the world’s first 100% online Student Visa Tutorial & Certification. Post this you would fully understand Australian Student Visa & Genuine Temporary  Entrant  criteria and minimize refusal risk.
Tutorial - 2-3 Hours reading
Certification - 30 Mins
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$49 

Take the 1st step now. 

Setup your Free Counselling:  



GTECHECK the world’s first AI-driven, 100% Online, Proctor based Student VISA Pre-Check identify visa refusal risks in your case under the Australian SSVF & GTE Criteria. View a sample report    
Online Assessment takes between 45-60 Mins 
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: Not Available  


GTE1ON1 would provide you Counselling on by global counsellors:
1) How to minimize your student visa refusal risks based on GTECHECK
2) Courses & Career Counselling, Scholarship Counselling, & more. 
Counselling Session
of 60 Mins 
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$99/Hour


Based on the counsellors advise, now you will build a world-class SOP in minutes, using GTESOP the World’s first real-time fact-based (Statement of Purpose) SOP builder tool.
The draft SOP is generated Instantly. 15 Mins to finalize.
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$49 


We would work with you to compile all supporting documents for your Course & Visa applications, and get them validated by experts using GTEDOCS our document validation & verifications service.
This may take 1-2 weeks 
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$39 

Richard Geddes



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In 2018-2019, 68,000 student visa applications were rejected in Australia.

The overall refusal rate was 14%, and in some high immigration risk countries, the refusal rate was as high as 30%. GTE DIRECT is the world’s  first 100% Online, Independent, Standardized, Artificial Intelligence based Global  Student Training, Evaluation and Document Verification and Validation services using a Proctor. This solution helps Genuine Students reduce the risk of their course and visa applications being rejected.



Submit high quality Applications, with minimal effort. GTEAPPLY the world’s first AI-driven 100% online Application Centre, ensures you can submit multiple college applications, with just a click & save time. 
This may take 1-2 weeks 
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$49 


GTEVISA our end to end Student Visa Guidance & Filing service ensure you get it right the first time and minimize refusal risks, by taking every care to submit a high quality Student Visa Application for you.
Filling for Visa - 1 - 2 Weeks
Visa decision -  3-6 Weeks
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$79 


Go well prepared GTEGO our Pre-departure assistance service ensures we prepare you well before your departure so that you avoid any hassles. Get help with Housing, Insurance, Meet & Greet and more.   
Pre-Departure: 1-2 Hours 
Included in Master Package 
Standalone: U$19 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many Education Agents offers Free services, why do you charge?

Education Agents work on commissions and send students to those Colleges / Universities which offer commissions. We are not an agent, but a Global EdTech Company, offering world-class digital solutions and professional services to students globally. Unlike an agent we offer you the full range of options and what's best for you and therefor charge you a fee.

How are you able to reduce the risk of visa refusal? 

We have used deep domain expertise and emerging technologies to create the world's first 100% online, proctor based tutorial GTEPRO for International students, this along with GTECHECK, the world's first artificial intelligence driven 100% online Student Visa pre-check ensures you have an edge compared to others.  

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