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Understand How we create value for agency partners & their students

Using deep-domain expertise & emerging technologies to build the industry's first AI-driven Genuine Student Training & Evaluation Application. Into this we have weaved a suite of professional services to offer the world's leading Genuine Student Training & Evaluation Service. These are packaged into 4 GTE Direct Service Packs which you can offer your students through a custom-branded student portal and earn a facilitation fee.

Solutions & Services that make GTE Direct the World's Leading Genuine Student Evaluation Service  

Artificial Intelligence Driven Assessments

100% Online with   24x7 Availability

Multi-layered Security Measures 

Secure Student ID Verification by Proctor

Standardized and Independent 

Proctor-based GS-GTE Evaluation

Local Language Support for Students

Comprehensive GS - GTE Tutorial

GS-GTE knowledge Certification 

2-Stage, Objective GTE Evaluation 

AI-Based Dynamic  Custom Questions

Real-time Prompts for Clarifications Qs

>50% Quicker for Students & Agents

Real-Time GTE Student SOP tool. 

Instant / Real-Time Evaluation Reports

Helps Agents Save time & costs.

Post Evaluation 1-on-1 GTE Counselling

Independent Docs Validation Services

Optional Course Application Support Services

Optional Visa  Filing Support Service 

First in the Industry.

Benefits of GTE DIRECT for Students

Gain a competitive edge. Get your knowledge of GS & GTE independently certified through a 100% online, proctor-based certification

Mitigate your risks of rejection, optimize your course & visa application based on your detailed 3 stage, AI driven GS & GTE Assessment

Auto generate your own genuine & factual GTE SOP, based on your response to over 75+ questions in the GTE Assessment done

Save time, complete your 100% online Assessment available 24 x 7 in just 60 minutes. Get instant certificates and reports to attach with your applications for quicker turnarounds.

Get your documents validated and verified by our experts, to minimize the risk of rejection and increase credibility of your applications

Our applications & visa support and filing services can handle complex cases / prior rejections and help you overcome the language barrier

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In 2018-2019, 68,000 student visa applications were rejected in Australia.

The overall refusal rate was 14%, and in some high-immigration risk countries, the refusal rate was as high as 30%. GTE DIRECT is the world’s  first 100% Online, Independent, Standardized, Artificial Intelligence based Genuine Student Training, Evaluation and Document Verification and Validation services using a Proctor. This solution helps Genuine Students reduce the risk of their course and visa applications being rejected.

Watch a quick 5 minute video to know Why you should join the GTE Direct Partner Network and How we could help you save time, reduce fixed costs, expand your market, enhance student experience and grow revenues and cash flows.

Himanshu Singh Co-Founder

& CEO 



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Partner with us?

Increase success rates of course and visa applications of your students. Enhance student experience, grow trust and credibility. Reduce turnaround times in getting offers from Institutions. Leverage digitization to expand your market, reduce fixed costs, save time & focus on marketing Build a new income stream and enhance your cash flows.

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We create value?