This GTE FREE TRIAL offers 03 GTEPLUS credits worth A$300. One credit is used for each student application.


Using these free credits would faciliate a first hand understanding of how education institutions can reduce the time taken for Genuine Student (GS) & Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) assessments by 70%. Save recruitment costs, reduce visa refusal rates and visa cancellations, grow share of genuine students and increase student retention, while helping save time and costs for agents, increasing student satisfaction.


Each GTEPLUS credit includes:

  1. Industry's first 100% online Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) & student visa tutorial and proctor based certification of understanding.
  2. AI driven proctor based  GTE Assessment, industry's first score based, GTE Evaluation Report, post assessment student counselling and access to SOP builder.


$300.00 Regular Price
$0.00Sale Price
  • After you sign up for the GTE FREE TRIAL, the undermentioned steps will follow:

    1.    Instantly you would receive a confirmation email, with a link to schedule your 60 minutes free online demo & training. This would provide you a comprehensive understanding of the GTE DIRECT solution and how to use the Admin & Student portal.

    2.    Within 24 hours we would set up your GTE DIRECT Admin & Student portals using your branding and provide you your login credentials to use GTE DIRECT.

    3.    You are now ready to start using the GTE DIRECT solution by simply forwarding the link to your GTE DIRECT Student Portal to prospective students to register and use the service. 

    4.    Using your GTE DIRECT Admin Portal, you would be able to view student registrations, Certificate of Understanding, GTE Evaluation Reports, Student GTE SOPs, and documents. 

    5.    For any assistance write to the GTE DIRECT help desk at